Backup QBs the Eagles missed on who are probably better options than Fields or Pickett

The 'bring Justin Fields to Philadelphia' bandwagon is adding passengers seemingly by the minute, but should it?

Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles
Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Ryan Tannehill - Currently a free agent

81-70 regular season record, 2-3 postseason record

He just keeps on plugging along, doesn't he? Ryan Tannehill is the textbook definition of 'average', but we've never expected him to be more than that. Sure, he has some athletic gifts, but he's also aging. He's 36 years old. There's another side to his coin though.

Tannehill has seen everything. He's supplanted guys and has had to look over his shoulder. He was the last QB to beat Tom Brady's Patriots during a postseason game. That's sometimes what you need in a backup quarterback, someone battle-tested. Most importantly, we know Tanny can win games if Jalen is forced to miss time with injury.

His current status? At the time of this story's release, he's unsigned, but we feel he will land somewhere.