Eagles referred to as a 'dead team' by longtime Fox Sports nemisis

One FOX Sports analyst who has drawn the ire of Eagles fans on more than one occasion seems to be at it again.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Someone needs to develop an Injustice: Gods Among Us-style video game for the Philly sports fan. We don't mean one that features Batman or anything. What if we could play as Big Dom DiSandro or Howie Roseman? Imagine how cool it would be to beat up some animated version of Jerry Jones as our favorite Philadelphia Eagles. Yeah... We're calling Electronic Arts Studios and NetherRealm Studios tomorrow.

While we're at it. We have one more recommendation. FOX Sports mainstay/Birds nemesis Nick Wright needs to be included in the game. Nothing would make us happier than to earn a flawless Mortal Kombat-style victory over him.

Guess what? He's back with yet another annoying take.

Nick Wright calls the Eagles a 'dead team', doesn't expect another postseason Cowboys collapse.

The headline probably told you all that you needed to know, huh? At this point, it's become almost pointless to make any attempts at diagnosing Nick Wright's ramblings. We had a little time, so we thought we'd have a little fun though.

Recently, the First Things First crew was posed a question. Will a longtime Eagles rival, the Dallas Cowboys, flame out during the coming postseason? Wright says they won't. That alone should tell you all you need to know about this take. Humor us, and check this one out anyway.

We'd like you to focus your attention on that 'the Eagles are a dead team' comment. Here's our point. Though he often swings wildly with his takes, most of what Wright says results in strikeouts as opposed to home runs.

We recall the playoff stretch that followed the Birds' 2017 regular season, one where Wright said every qualifying team had a shot at winning the Super Bowl except for the first-seeded Philadelphia Eagles. Ask someone that listens to him. They'll tell you. He discusses Philly often as misses the mark just as often as he does it.

Some have already given up on Philly. Some say it's too early to declare winners and losers, but after more of the annoying ramblings of one Nick Wright, we're comfortable in making two claims.

One, the Cowboys are going nowhere. Second, the Eagles have a shot. Why do we say that? It's simple. No one misses the mark more often than Mr. Wright.

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