Eagles CB Isaiah Rodgers drops the swaggiest Father's Day post in history

Isaiah Rodgers' recent Father's Day post is an all-timer!
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

They say Father's Day doesn't receive nearly the same attention as Mother's Day. Maybe they're right. But, if you're like most of us, Dad still holds that special place in our hearts. Moms are awesome Birds fans, but Dad taught us the Philadelphia Eagles were the only choice (and cheering for the New York Giants would NEVER be tolerated!

Now, don't get us wrong or read what we aren't stating. Moms deserve all the love and attention they are showered with. Moms rock, but if we're being honest, dads get the short end of the stick sometimes. More money is spent buying candy on Halloween. Look it up!

Hey! We're men. We'll endure. We'll also continue to insult the Cowboys and their fans and spend those $10 gift cards we receive on our holiday.

Frankly, we're still celebrating. We feel we have earned that. Once we placed a bow on took some time to log back into our social media accounts following a relaxing Sunday, we found a little something that put a smile on our faces. Hopefully, it does the same for you.

Isaiah Rodgers isn't lacking any swagger. Who knew it was possible to show off such with a Father's Day post?

Truth be told, we knew Isaiah Rodgers could ball, but outside of watching him work during Philly's 2022 trip to play the Colts, we didn't watch much of him. Then, there was the suspension, but thankfully, we're past that now.

He was reinstated on August 28th. His addition to the roster gives Philly another proven corner and someone who can provide value in the return game.

He's a constant on social media and worth tapping the 'follow' button. One word comes to mind... swagger. This past Sunday, he dropped an all-time Father's Day post. We grabbed this one from his Instagram account.

Seriously, if this guy's game backs up his talk game, he's going to be a joy to watch and a potential Eagles fan favorite. He's only 26. So far, he's had a decent offseason since returning.

We think he's a shoo-in to make the roster, but we'll see what happens when training camp begins. Keep an eye on the guy in the number 34 jersey (though we believe that number will change when we reach the regular season).

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