Eagles could generate even more buzz if one insider's roster theory is correct

Those Justin Simmons conversations aren't going away.
Justin Simmons, Philadelphia Eagles
Justin Simmons, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Games aren't won on paper. Two sheets of looseleaf or a pair of Microsoft Surface tablets have never met on the gridiron to settle anything, so reading the names on the Philadelphia Eagles' roster won't guarantee wins and losses regardless of how many times the exercise makes us smile.

We can make one promise though. Having a stacked roster doesn't guarantee any losing streaks either. Sure, games still have to be played. On any given Sunday, any team can lose to another, but even in knowing that, the goal is to field the best team possible. Few do that job better than Eagles GM Howie Roseman.

A two-time Pro Football Writers of America Executive of the Year (2017, 2022), Howie has been on a tear this offseason, adding quality free agents before hitting home runs during the NFL Draft. If that wasn't enough, he added a couple of handfuls of undrafted free agents, many of whom are quite impressive.

That would be enough to make many GMs kick their feet up, but not Howie. We know he'll continue working, and one insider has some ideas on yet another impressive roster addition.

Justin Simmons could provide a little icing on the cake for what has already been a successful Eagles roster haul.

June is often associated with vacations and weddings. This year, June is also the backdrop for the first mandatory minicamp of Nick Sirianni's coaching tenure. We're certain to have plenty to talk about.

As the first day approaches, SI's Albert Breer might be someone you want to bookmark. His most recent mailbag is reason enough. He names the Eagles as a possible landing spot for four-time Second-Team All-Pro Justin Simmons.

It doesn't look like that discussion will die until he lands somewhere, Philly or otherwise.

One of his readers asked where Simmons might land to which Breer offered the following as a response...

"I think it’ll be a contender, and probably one that he’d have some background with...

The Philadelphia Eagles are one obvious place to look, since Simmons’s old coach, Vic Fangio, is there, as is his old position coach, Christian Parker. I guess you could say the same for Ejiro Evero with the Carolina Panthers, since they have a need there—I just don’t think the Panthers would appeal to Simmons. The Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams run similar schemes as well, that’d fit Simmons."

While some may state Simmon's addition makes the Eagles more clouded at safety, others will argue there can never be too many good players on a football roster. Depth must also be thought about.

We mentioned the talent on the Eagles' roster a little earlier. If there's one concern, it might be that Philly is a little top-heavy. If any of the starters get hurt at most of the position groups, things begin to look more concerning in a hurry.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Reed Blankenship, and Sydney Brown all missed time because of injuries last season. Having Simmons in the toolbelt would be nice. We'll see if the Birds show any interest.

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