Here's where the other NFC East tight ends rank after Eagles star Dallas Goedert

Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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3. Darren Waller, New York Giants

We’re kind of splitting hairs here between Darren Waller and Logan Thomas, because just like Thomas, Waller has also only played in 20 total games during the past two seasons. 

Waller has never experienced the mondo season-ending injury. He has, however, had to deal with just about everything else, and that's arguably a worse scenario.

At the risk of being gruesome, think about it this way. Dak Prescott's foot was detached from his leg. It was said that his skin served as a bag to hold the bones. That doesn't happen very often and can be seen as an outlier, but in Waller's case, the injuries come much more frequently. Terms like 'injury-prone' are starting to be tossed around.

Waller has had knee injuries, ankle injuries, hamstring injuries, more knee stuff, more ankle stuff, and of course, more hamstring stuff. And, that’s just a recap of what has gone on with his right leg. He has also had hand, head, and shoulder stuff that has popped up too. 

Can he produce? Of course he can. Can he stay healthy? Uhhh... probably not. He’ll turn 31 in September and there’s no reason to believe the physical issues will occur less frequently.

The only reason he’s being ranked above Logan Thomas is because we’ve seen Darren Waller be an impact player. It’s been a few years, but we have seen it. We're still waiting to see that more consistently from Thomas.