Eagles ditch their classic look and dust off another beloved alternate uniform for Christmas

A jersey change is a vibe change, and them vibes need a-changin'.
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

It’s been a long December. The Philadelphia Eagles' last win came three days after Thanksgiving, and the three losses that we have all had to witness since then have been soul-crushing. Things only got stranger from there.

Philly made a very bizarre late-season move by stripping defensive coordinator Sean Desai of playcalling duties and giving that role to senior defensive assistant Matt Patricia. That only made the vibes worse and now that they're at an all-time low. Seriously, it's beginning to feel like there's no way that we could sink any further.

Jersey changes, especially impromptu ones, are a good way to get vibes back on track. It sounds dumb. One may think there's no way that the color of a team's jersey could influence the outcomes of games, but hold on there a second. It’s true, and we have the numbers to back it up!

Look no further than Nick Sirianni’s era as Eagles head coach if you need an example. Something gets into this team, and they change when they are playing in their alternate uniforms.

Since 2021, the Eagles are 6-1 when the jersey choice isn't one of midnight green or white hue. We went back and poured through the data (read: Google image searching every game the Eagles have played in the past three years). The numbers are heavily in favor of the visual change. 

The Eagles ditch their midnight green home unis in favor of wearing a beloved alternate jersey on Christmas.

In 2021, the Eagles wore their black uniforms in Weeks 11 and 16. They whomped the New Orleans Saints by a 40-29 final score and crushed the New York Giants (34-10) in those games.

In 2022, they donned the black uniforms in Week 12, 16, and 18. In Weeks 12 and 18, they beat the Green Bay Packers (40-33) and the Giants (22-16). The only hitch in their giddy-up came when they lost to the Cowboys (40-34 on Christmas Eve).

Our beloved Birds broke out the Kelly Green uniforms in Weeks 7 and 12 this season. The results were victories over the Miami Dolphins (31-17) and the Buffalo Bills (37-34).

If you want to take anything away from what you just read, know this. Philly's offense has juice when they change from the standard uniforms. They have outscored the Giants 56-26 when they make the switch.

The Eagles are currently 12-point favorites in Week 16. If #JerseyAnalytics tells us anything, this might be fun. Do the math if you doubt what we are saying. You might like what you come up with.

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