The Eagles draft train adds a new passenger, one waving the Terrion Arnold flag

The 'bring Terrion Arnold to Philly' train has boarded another passenger (but, he'll also take JC Latham if that's doable).
Terrion Arnold, Philadelphia Eagles
Terrion Arnold, Philadelphia Eagles / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At the time of this story's release, we are hours from decision time. There has been no announcement of any move the Philadelphia Eagles have made that involves them trading up from the 22nd overall selection in Round 1. Still, we have discussed that possibility with such frequency that we've acquiesced to believing it will happen.

Thoughts of welcoming the newest Eagle to the nest are on our minds. So are thoughts of grandeur. We have entertained ideas of a huge swing, one that lands what might be this draft class's top defensive back (Quinyon Mitchell). We have also tossed ideas around about who the other top options might be if the Toledo star isn't the choice.

Guess what? One of the guys named has a fan in a trusted voice.

Jon Ritchie would love to see Terrion Arnold (or JC Latham) in an Eagles jersey (if a deal can be made).

Jon Ritchie is our guy. That's it... That's the take... We fell in love with this dude while watching him close his career as an Eagle for two seasons. We've gotten to know him better as he's been a part of 94 WIP-FM's stable of on-air personalities since 2016. He and his partner Joe DeCamara host the Morning Show, where he recently joined the Terrion Arnold/JC Latham train.

As is often the case, Ritchie won't have to work hard to get someone to agree with his take. As mentioned, he's one of those voices that we have grown to trust over the years (even if we don't always agree with him).

Arnold and Latham would both be wise decisions if Philly settled on either of them, The former is a six-foot, 196-pound cornerback who earned First-Team All-American and First-team All-SEC nods in 2023. The latter is one of the top offensive tackles in this class, one who also earned a First-Team All-SEC nod last season.

You can't lose either way, but again, Philly would have to trade up to land one or the other.

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