Eagles earn unfavorable mention thanks to some well-known 1st-round errors

Pro Football Focus' Sam Monson named the best and worst first-round drafting NFL teams of the past decade. Guess which side the Eagles fell on.
Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles draft
Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles draft / Frederick Breedon/GettyImages

Okay, who needs a break? It's part of being a Philly sports fan we fear. It's hard to believe in the 76ers ahead of the NBA Playoffs. The Phillies are off to another slow start. The Philadelphia Eagles, after generating quite the buzz, have spilt the fan base down the middle. Haason Reddick is a Jet. Discussion has ensued, and frankly, we're fatigued.

The decision to move on from one of the Eagles' best players on defense has been supported and questioned, especially seeing as how the defense wasn't that good to begin with. Oh well, the NFL Draft is coming.

Philly can make amends there. Wait! Do we trust them to make the right decisions? We say yes, but some of the other NFL die-hards may disagree.

The Eagles have been named one of the NFL's worst first-round drafting teams over the past decade by Pro Football Focus.

Well, when two of your top Eagles discussions of the past day or so involve a guy who is no longer on the team and that former second-overall selection earning yet another opportunity, it's time to check out brands like Pro Football Focus to see what they're discussing. Whether people agree with them or not, they always offer something for fodder.

They recently dropped their take on NFL teams that are the best and worst at drafting in the first round. Okay, this may not bring us the smile we had hoped for. Take a gander at where the Eagles landed.

If you guessed that Philly was named as one of the worst teams, you win the gold star. Sam Monson is the writer. Here's some of what he said in his analysis:

"The Eagles were the toughest team to put on this list, in part because their drafting overall has been very good and also because they look to be rescuing things with their drafts over the past few years, but specifically focusing on first-round selections over the past decade, they have made some errors. Jalen Reagor was a poor selection, made to look even worse by the fact that the pick made immediately afterward was Justin Jefferson — arguably the game’s best receiver."

That former second-overall selection was named as well as was Derek Barnett and Andre Dillard..

"Carson Wentz ultimately failed to work out as the team’s future quarterback, while Derek Barnett and Andre Dillard were each surpassed by other players on the roster."

While all of this brings back some bad memories, Monson ends things on a high note:

"The Eagles have been excellent at repairing the damage done by misses in the first round, but that doesn’t absolve them of those misses in the first place"

So, here we are back where we started. The 2024 NFL Draft approaches and that will allow Philly an opportunity to continue improving their roster. Do we trust them to make the right decisions? Some might say 'no'. They'd be justified for saying so, but we think they desreve the confidence.

Sure, Derek Barnett, Jalen Reagor, and Andre Dillard's selections didn't work out, but the NFL Draft is a crap shoot. Everyone misses on guys from time to time, and Philly's additions of DeVonta Smith and Jalen Carter in recent years proves this organization knows what it's doing.

Howie Roseman and company have our trust because he and his team has earned that. Philly learns from its mistakes and as Monson says they correct them well, but this draft should be fun to watch.

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