Eagles expected to receive the maximum number of compensatory picks come NFL Draft time

We'd rather have nine, but we'll take the maximum number of four.

Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Compensatory picks... We don't talk about them often. We do, however, discuss them, and we have done so since before we knew how the system worked. Once we got the hang of it and we saw league offices hand the Philadelphia Eagles a few for a couple of years, the light bulb went on like it does in those old school cartoons when someone gets a good idea about something.

Here's the skinny, a brief overview if you will. Every offseason, compensatory picks (or comp picks as we sometimes call them) are awarded thanks to a confidential formula the league uses to try and assist the professional franchises that suffer major losses during free agency.

Picks are awarded between Rounds 3 and 7. They are sometimes given when assistant coaches who are hired through The Rooney Rule land with other teams as their head coaches. Snap counts and production of lost players are taken into account. So are their average salaries.

Had that been the end all and be all, Philly would be due about nine comp picks, but that isn't how it works (more on that in a second). Here's what the raw breakdown would have looked like.

It would have been nice; however, this again isn't how it works. It is interesting though. Let's instead get into all of the particulars of what the coming NFL Draft might look like for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here's a look at what the Eagles coming NFL Draft might look like when we factor in the expected compensatory picks.

The Eagles currently own six picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. That figures to swell to ten if they receive the maximum four comp picks that can be awarded. That, by all accounts, seems like that's where this is headed.

Here are the expected ten picks Philly will have come draft time at the end of April.

  • Round 1 – (This is the Eagles’ own pick)
  • Round 2 – (This is also the Eagles’ own pick)
  • Round 2 – (From the New Orleans Saints)
  • Round 3 – Projected compensatory pick (Javon Hargrave)
  • Round 5 – Via the Minnesota Vikings (This is conditional and can become a 4th-rounder)
  • Round 5 – Via the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Round 5 – Projected compensatory pick (Andre Dillard)
  • Round 5 – Projected compensatory pick (Isaac Seumalo)
  • Round 6 – (Eagles’ own pick or a Titans’ sixth-rounder, whichever is better)
  • Round 6 – Projected compensatory pick (T.J. Edwards)

Don't expect Howie Roseman to make all ten of these picks. History has taught us he'll often use draft picks like collateral. We expecting him to wheel and deal and work his way all around the draft board.

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