Eagles face a murderer's row: Forecasting the toughest stretch of Philly's season

Cowboys, Bills, 49ers, Seahawks, and Chiefs, oh my! The Eagles face a gauntlet over the next month and a half.
Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders
Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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The Eagles complete a tough stretch with a game versus a team they often lose to, the Seattle Seahawks.

It seems like it shoudn't be this way, but the Eagles ALWAYS seem to struggle with the Seattle Seahawks. Fear not though. They earn the win in Week 15.

6. Week 15: Seattle Seahawks (Win)

Shaquill Griffin
Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Finally, the Eagles face Geno Smith and the Seahawks, who are poised for another strong season. Seattle has shown promise. Philadelphia cannot afford to underestimate them. Don't be shocked when we arrive here if the Eagles need a victory.

If we're wrong with any of the previous theories and the Birds cannot successfully move through this tough stretch, this game could qualify as a 'must-win'. The Eagles must maintain their focus and intensity to avoid any slip-ups before they reach their home stretch.

Only three regular-season games remain after this one. We're predicting a win in Week 15.

Final thoughts: Everyone from the Eagles' front office to their special teams unit must bring their best for this critical stretch. While the Birds have coasted through some average performances, they have occasionally shown flashes of brilliance.

Weeks 9 to 15 represent a significant test. The Eagles must rise to the occasion or risk losing their top-ranked standing. It is time for some good, old-fashioned basic (and clean) football.

The time has come for the Birds to leave it all on the field, and give it everything they have. We're under the impression that they will do exactly that.

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