Eagles fan-favorite offers his fond farewell as fans give him a few of their own

Boston Scott's run in Philly is officially over, and truthfully, we're a little bummed about it.
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Since no one seems to remember this conversation, this seems like a great time to revisit it. When the Philadelphia Eagles added Boston Scott from the New Orleans Saints practice squad on December 10, 2018, one of the conversations that followed mentioned a weird comparison.

Was a practice squad guy really compared to Darren Sproles? Why would anyone say that? Sproles was one of the better Swiss Army Knives in NFL history. Fast forward to the present. While Sproles is indeed in a class of his own, Boston is pretty special in his own right.

We'll keep beating this drum by ourselves if no one wants to help us. Scott will always be remembered in Philly as the 'Giant Killer', but there are times when it felt he was underutilized.

Doug Pederson's regime seemed to like Boston more than Nick Sirianni's did, and sure, Philly always had better players on the roster at the position. Still, he never fumbled. He never got hurt. He was productive when used, but now a fan-favorite moves one.

Boston Scott's farewell to the Eagles organization certainly hasn't gone unnoticed.

According to multiple sources, including ESPN's Adam Schefter, Boston Scott has reached an agreement on a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Rams. As you might imagine, that news didn't go unnoticed in Philly.

The Giant Killer offered a fond farewell. Fans and members of the media offered theirs. Make no mistake, he truly will be missed.

Other heartfelt sentiments include the following:

"Good for Boston Scott. The Rams going all-in on short running backs is awesome." - Anthony DiBona
"Farewell to a solid role player, good guy and Giant killer. I’ll always root for Boston Scott." - Glen Macnow
"How am I supposed to feed my family without Boston Scott anytime TD props vs the Giants??" - Connor Thomas

Let's revisit that previous statement. Was comparing Scott to Darren Sproles a legitimate discussion? Well, no... It certainly wasn't, but solid role players with versatility are hard to find. The task becomes harder when we're mentioning guys who are five-foot-six.

Still, if you want a runner/receiver/returner hybrid, it's even more challenging to find one who is as skilled at those roles as the man who will always be known in the City of Brotherly Love as Giant Killer.

Here's a bold prediction. He's going to be a problem in Los Angeles with Sean McVay. Farewell for now Mr. Scott. We'll be cheering for you, unless Philly needs a Rams loss for postseason positioning.

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