Eagles fans everywhere pay tribute as a comrade passes on

Everyone knows who Ricky is even if we never met him. We hope this is a proper tribute.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles Twitter... Or, we guess you'd call it 'X' now. The Vet... The Linc... Those are just words to so many. When spoken to a Birds fan, they mean something else.

We fight like brothers and sisters. Sometimes, the conversations go too far, and they become disrespectful. Still, brothers and sisters fight. The point is we're all still family.

The most loyal fan base in all of sports lost a brother recently. We just recently heard the news of Ricky Figarola's passing on March 15, 2024, but even if we are tardy, it felt only right to pay some sort of tribute.

Eagles fans everywhere offer their farewells to one of the most loyal Philly fans that ever walked the planet.

Ricky Figarola... Most of us know the name. Even if you've never met him, he's one of the Eagles' most loyal fans. He's like Shaun (See? You all know who Shaun is!) He's like our social media buddy, The Mighty EROCK. Ricky was one of us and he was all of us. He was a Birds fan through and through.

Many of us never met him. We saw him sitting by the tunnel at The Linc! We even saw him on NFL Films documentaries a few times. Ricky was one of us!

Again, we disagree as Eagles fans. We curse at each other and debate, but in the end, we're all still a huge family (even if it's dysfunctional at times! We can't say it enough.

Ricky loved the Birds. May he rest in peace as our thoughts are now with his family. The rest of us will take it from here! Let's do him proud. Here's to another year of Eagles football.

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