NSFW tirades concerning Brian Johnson's playcalling flood Eagles social media

After one half of Eagles football, Brian Johnson is trending on social media.
Brian Johnson, Eagles
Brian Johnson, Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Less than a week ago, A.J. Brown's lack of involvement in the Philadelphia Eagles offensive attack drew the ire of fans on Twitter... or 'X'... or whatever we call that platform these days. Sunday evening, we're hearing, seeing, and reading more of the same.

A.J. isn't trending as he was on Monday Night Football, at least not yet. Still, there's a familiar theme being tossed around on social media.

Eagles fans are ticked at Brian Johnson due to a frustrating Week 12 affair

How do we put this nicely? The first two quarters of the Eagles versus Buffalo Bills affair hasn't produced any offensive fireworks, on Philadelphia's side of the ball anyway.

With 1:25 remaining in the first half, Jalen Hurts has completed four of 11 passes. He has also lost a fumble and has thrown a weird-looking interception. Two of those four completions ended up in A.J. Brown's hands. This after Philly's star wide receiver hauled in one completion on Monday Night Football.

That certainly hasn't made Eagles fans happy.

Birds fans are annoyed because of that, and other reasons. They have taken to social media to voice their frustrations.

One NSFW post that we won't display here even went so far as to say one fan hated Brian Johnson as much as he hates Jonathan Gannon.

We could go on, but you get the idea. Again, some of the stuff we're hearing and seeing is for mature audiences only. The defense is doing all that it can do, but at the break, the Birds are losing the time of possession battle. We're talking 19:10 for Buffalo compared to 10:50 for the Eagles.

Don't lose hope. At the time of this story being published, there was still a full half of football to play. Phrases like trap game are being thrown around. The Bills lead a 17-7 margin, but here's the good news.

The score is identical to what it was on Monday in Arrowhead Stadium. That one turned out pretty well.