Eagles fans, Philly media continues to stew over Brian Johnson's playcalling

It's sometimes hard to determine whether the Eagles are 9-1 or 1-9 when you hang out on social media sometimes.
Brian Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Brian Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

We're STILL, hours later, trying to make sense of what it was that we just saw. The stakes weren't the same as they were the last time the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs saw one another, but the Birds are sending shockwaves through the NFL thanks to a thrilling come-from-behind win at Arrowhead Stadium.

At this point, you all have watched the Birds play football long enough to know how this works. You just can't make everyone happy. At one point, Philly was LEADING late in the fourth quarter, and their offensive coordinator was everyone's lightning rod on Twitter... or X... or whatever we're calling that platform these days.

No, that isn't correct. Brian Johnson, poor guy, was a lightning rod all game long.

The Eagles win and impress, but Brian Johnson is still under fire.

The series at the end of the first quarter was as bad as it gets. People were calling for the firing of coaches and for important players to be benched. Our Birds figured things out though. They have improved to 9-1. They keep finding ways to win, and people will STILL find things to complain about.

The hullabaloo began when A.J. Brown's name began trending toward the end of the first half. Johnson began drawing the ire of fans when A.J. wasn't seeing any targets early. He finished with one catch.

Things only continued when some of the playcalling began to frustrate Eagles fans and the Philly media. Thank goodness that social media doesn't determine who wins and loses jobs, but despite the win, Philly's OC is still enduring a firestorm.

We could go on, but you get the idea. We'll spare you some of the NSFW content.

In the end, the Eagles are again 9-1. Next up is a game versus the Buffalo Bills to close a short week. You can best believe the OC will be under the microscope in that one.

The team is winning. So, maybe we should be happy. If we're being honest, however, it's hard to avoid being critical of what's being seen.

It's hard to understand the infatuation with wide receiver screens. The horizontal passing game DOESN'T work. More often than not, that area of his attack is failing.

The Eagles offensive coaching staff seems to believe there's something that they can exploit by calling similar plays versus every NFL defense. It's hard to determine what that is because this offense seems to lose some steam every time those plays are called.

We'll say it again though (because it bears repeating). Philly has won nine of its first ten games. Believe it or not, Brian Johnson is a huge reason for that being the case. Philadelphia's offense will have to be more consistent however when we move into December and January.

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