Eagles fans are planning to rally outside of the NovaCare Complex on Friday

Eagles enthusiasts are taking things in their hands to reignite the fan base.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

There's nothing like a little peaceful demonstration to get the juices flowing. Following a Philadelphia Eagles three-game losing streak and still shots of guys showing up at the NovaCare Complex with signings stating 'Run The Ball', we could use a little positivity.

We admit the guys with the sign were pretty funny. Head coach Nick Sirianni sure thought so. He ordered them up a round of coffee. Now that trash can with James Bradberry's name on it was a bit much. You can disagree and have your take. That one's ours. That just seemed like it was a bit too personal.

Anyway... No harm No foul. James has been answering the critics all season, often with mixed results. He's looked decent at times and downright awful at others. Maybe Friday's proceedings will cheer everyone up.

Eagles fans are planning to rally outside of the NovaCare Complex on Friday morning.

We have come to the conclusion that a pep rally is needed. Aww shucks. Some other Eagles fans have beaten us to the idea. If the kids are out of school and you're looking for something to do, head on over to the NovaCare Complex.

Okay, the Dunkin Donuts truck makes us feel a tad less anxious. Hey these are Birds fans, you never know what to expect

Donuts, fans who are probably drinking a little earlier than anyone should, and of course, our Philadelphia Eagles, That sounds like a great way to spend a morning. Hopefully, this reignites the fan base.

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