Eagles film study: Highlighting a trio of failed red-zone plays during Philly's Week 5 win

The Eagles' red-zone inefficiency was again highlighted in their Week 5 game against the Los Angeles Rams. Here's what went wrong.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The Philadelphia Eagles' red zone issues were highlighted again recently, this time in a Week 5 win over the Rams.

Let's be clear here: the Philadelphia Eagles won in very convincing fashion in Week 5. It's the closest they've looked to their dominant form from 2022. That's awesome and great, and we couldn't be more elated. We couldn't, however, notice that the only thing that's lacking is red zone efficiency.

The Birds' inability to more consistently finish drives with touchdowns has been something that has been plaguing them all season. Through five weeks, they have traveled into the red zone 19 times, but they have only finished eight of them with six points. That's a measly 42.1% of the time.

In L.A., the Eagles made six trips inside the Rams' 20-yard line. They scored two touchdowns. For the sake of argument, we'll reference just five trips, given Philly's last drive came at the end of the game while the Birds were simply milking the clock.

Look at it this way. They ran the Brotherly Shove on consecutive plays from L.A.'s ten and nine-yard lines.

Yes, the plays that lead up to a third down in the red zone certainly have an effect on the outcome and success of each attempt, but here we'll focus on third-down attempts as the success of such ultimately keeps an offense on the field, produces points, or ends drives.

Three such plays take center stage in our analysis. We're playing a game of 'Who's fault is it anyway?'