Eagles free-agent options that would grab headlines and, hopefully, help Philly win games

 Philadelphia Eagles #9, Nick Foles
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Specialist (punter): Matt Araiza

We don't often discuss drama at the punter position, but the Eagles are one of the teams that definitely have their share. After Arryn Siposs got injured in the middle of the 2022 campaign, the Eagles turned to former Tennesee Titan Brett Kern. That didn't work out, and before you knew it, people were pleading for Siposs. Who would have thunk?

Kern is now retired. Siposs is wildly consistent, but he looks a lot better than undrafted rookie Ty Zentner, at least right now. It may be time to look at possible upgrades.

Bringing in Matt Araiza could fix the issues. Collegiately, he made headlines for some 80-yard boots. Drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2022, he was released before the season started due to allegations of sexual assault. He has been cleared. The NFL will no doubt do its own investigation, but if he is again found innocent, he could be allowed to play in the NFL again.

Philly's locker-room culture could be what the doctor ordered. Dom DiSandro, the Eagles' vice president of team security/chief security officer has been with the team since 1999 and is the best at what he does. If he says no, the answer is no, but if he turns out to be on board and gives Araiza the thumbs up, this is definitely a no-brainer.

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