Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni shuts every door leading to theories he has lost the team

Nick Sirianni spoke with 94 WIP-FM's Morning Team and discussed everything from his job security to his team's potential collapse.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Things change quickly, don't they? It wasn't that long ago that the Philadelphia Eagles were 10-1 and the toast of the NFL. They had vanquished six teams that will wind up in the playoffs, so we couldn't use the 'they haven't played anyone argument'. Still, something didn't feel right.

We feared the red flags would manifest themselves into something else. We felt there was danger ahead. As it turns out, we were right. Guess what? Being right isn't always fun.

It hasn't been the happiest of beginnings to the 2024 calendar year. We have gone from thinking of possible Super Bowl runs to asking whether or not this team can win a postseason game. Confidence has been replaced with concern.

As is customary, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni made his weekly phone call to 94 WIP-FM's Morning Show. As you might imagine, there was much to discuss.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni answers the tough questions about whether or not he has lost his team and if he is worried about job security.

Two days into the 2024 season, we have now heard about 40 minutes of conversations with Nick Sirianni. He still seems confident. He isn't as jovial as he normally is. Then again, however, why would he be?

On Tuesday, he joined Jon Ritchie and Joe DeCamara's Morning Show on 94 WIP-FM. Everything was on the table.

He evaded questions about a potential Zach Ertz return, electing instead to reference DeVonta Smith's toughness and durability. His hope is our Slim Reaper will be ready for the postseason, but as you might expect, there was a lot of discussion about performance, his and his team's effort.

Has he lost the team? You know the question would be asked, and guess what? It didn't take long to arrive there.

"No, I'm not concerned about that. We're just looking to get back on track. "

Getting back on track will be key to halting what appears to be a Rich Kotite-level collapse. In 1994, Kotite's Eagles began 7-2 before losing their final seven games to finish at 7-9. The Birds have lost three games this season where they led by double digits. That hasn't happened before. On Sunday, they were dominated by one of the NFL's worst teams.

Joe DeCamara asked an even more direct question. "Has team spirit eroded?"

Coach's answer was very direct and honest...

"No, I don't believe so. Again, we're all committed. We know we have the right people in this building to accomplish everything we want to accomplish. There's a lot of teams that would love (having) a playoff ticket, right? We got one. And, we know that anything is possible when you get into that moment. Again, our goal right now is to get out of this rut and have a good game against the New York Giants here on Sunday. But, we know that all of our goals that we want to accomplish are in front of us. Has it went the way we anticipated it? No, especially these last four or five weeks. But, we know our goals are right in front of us, and we want to play good football this week, leading into the playoffs. "

Is Nick Sirianni worried about his job security. It certainly doesn't sound like it.

"No, I don't think about those things. Again, I try t stay right where we are right now. Again, how we do play good football this week against the Giants? How do we fix some of the things that we got going on right now? That's where my focus is, and that's where I'll be obviously the rest of this week. "

Coach Sirianni also spoke to select members of the Philly media on Monday. Check out the full discussion below.

There's one regular season game remaining before the postseason begins. We have asked questions during his entire tenure about whether Nick Sirianni is a good head coach or not. Friends, we're about to learn some of the answers.

Every high and low has led us to this point. We're about to learn a lot about Sirianni's talent and his leadership skills. We're hoping he gets the job done.