Eagles injury tracker, inactives list for Week 13 game vs. 49ers: Fletcher Cox is active

Here's your Eagles vs. 49ers Week 13 inactives. We'll also keep track of the game's injuries.
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The time for discussion has ended. At 4:25 p.m. EST, two teams that we haven't stopped talking about since last January's NFC Championship Game, the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, step on the field for a long-awaited grudge match.

Hey, why should we stop talking about this one? Occasionally, we check in, and it feels like these guys haven't stopped talking about each other. No wait... That is inaccurate. The Eagles have been cool. Their focus is on getting back to the Super Bowl and winning it. The 'Whiners' are the ones with the issues.

The phrase 'living rent-free in someone's head' takes on new meaning when discussing San Fran. They took an 'L' last January and seemingly have had a tough time recovering.

The Birds keep finding ways to pull out tough games. They'll have to do so again in Week 13. They'll have to do so while being shorthanded.

Don't worry.. If the Eagles somehow drop this one, we can guarantee you that they'll take the loss and move on. We can promise you the Birds aren't going to be making excuses.

Eagles injury news: Zach Cunningham is out for the Eagles Week 13 game versus the 49ers.

We knew on Friday that Fletcher Cox and Grant Calcaterra were both questionable for Week 13's game. Zach Cunningham and Justin Evans are out. Dallas Goedert was listed as doubtful.

The Birds will make no excuses though. This is a big game, one they're underdogs in but expect to win. Prepare for a good one in Philly.

The Eagles and 49ers will announce their Week 13 inactives 90 minutes before kickoff. The lists and all injury updates will be listed below.

Update: Fletcher Cox is active. The 49ers release their inactives as well.

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