Eagles star Jalen Hurts turned down an opportunity to be featured on Netflix's Quarterback series

Jalen Hurts hasn't changed. He's still as focused as he ever was, recently turning down an opportunity to be featured in Netflix's 'Quarterback' series.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

This just in... Following a phenomenal near-MVP season and after cashing in with a long-term deal that ensures he'll be QB1 of the Philadelphia Eagles for a while, Jalen Hurts hasn't changed much. Then again, did we expect him to?

He's still uber-focused. He's still 'keeping the main thing the main thing'.

Sure, make no mistake about it. He's a young man. He's enjoying his life. During some time off, he took an opportunity to team up with Teyana Taylor and film a commercial for Nike, but more often than not, he steers clear of the spotlight.

He said no to an opportunity to enjoy a cameo in an Adam Sandler film, 2022's Hustle. He also turned down two offers to appear in what's becoming a highly-popular docuseries on one of our favorite streaming platforms.

Jalen Hurts is staying humble and recently turned Payton Manning down for a second time.

If you're a little older, you remember the days when Netflix mailed you a VHS tape for viewing (and you mailed it back when done). These days, the brand has grown to its current status as one of the world's top streaming platforms.

One of their new features, Payton Manning's Quarterback series, hit a home run in its first season. It has already been renewed for another.

The first iteration features Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings), Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), and Marcus Mariota (formerly with the Atlanta Falcons but now a member of the Eagles). Jalen Hurts was asked to be a part of the docuseries, both ahead of last season and the coming campaign, but he politely said no. His reason? He "didn't feel it was appropriate".

What was that statement that Jason Kelce made? Of yeah... We remember now. The only thing that has changed about Hurts is "an aura of commas". He's joining a different tax bracket, but thankfully, the little things that make Jalen who he is haven't gone anywhere.

Make no mistake about it. The money hasn't changed him. It's the desire to be great that pushes QB1, not money. Expect another leap forward in his first season as a starter.

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