Eagles legend DeSean Jackson earns a tremendous show of respect from a division rival

You won't hear us say nice things about the Giants often, but we'll make an exception just this one time.
Jalin Hyatt, Philadelphia Eagles news
Jalin Hyatt, Philadelphia Eagles news / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Here's a disclaimer. You'll want to jot this one down and keep it close to your hearts because, for as long as this publication exists and covers the Philadelphia Eagles, we can promise you that we won't steer from it.

The Birds have had the New York Giants number for a while. The rivalry has been tilted in Philly's favor for quite some time, but the bitter feeling we harbor for Big Blue is just as venomous as it has always been.

That's a long-winded way of saying the following. If you're looking for content where the G-Men are painted in a positive light, this isn't the platform to find any. Just this once, however, we'll make an exception. Something a young Giants star said made us smile recently.

Giants star Jalin Hyatt offers a nice tip of the cap to Eagles legend DeSean Jackson.

You may have heard. There's a pretty big football game being played this week. Truthfully, we don't care who wins. There are days we pray for a scoreless tie (though such things don't exist in the Super Bowl), but hey, at least we can take a trip out to Vegas.

Our FanSided family has been hanging out all week and taking in the sights. Recently, we spoke with Fletcher Cox. We also enjoyed an opportunity to chat with Dhani Jones. Who would have thought though? One of the better discussions we had about the Birds came while sitting with one of the younger members of the New York Giants.

Jalin Hyatt hung out with our Stacking The Box brand, and he offered a nice tip of the cap to DeSean Jackson.

"I really admire his game... At the same time, I try not to mimic my game after him, but I try to do the same things. We kind of have the same body type, the same length as far as (arm length). How we run is kind of the same, so that's another athlete (and) receiver that I loved to watch when he was playing".

Hyatt also credits Odell Beckham Jr., Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, and Stefon Diggs for inspiring him to be a better receiver. He may be young, but no one can make any adverse statements about his eye for talent.

If he maintains his focus and respect for the game, we expect he'll be a great player for a long, long time. He's off to a tremendous start. We just hope he saves his worst games for New York's games versus Philadelphia.

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