Eagles news: Donovan McNabb points the blame finger away from Nick Sirianni toward Howie Roseman

'5' is on the warpath, but he may find some difficulty in getting Philly's owner to join him there.
Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles
Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

If you haven't watched football for very long, this may serve as news to you. For the rest of us, this next statement won't be shocking at all. The Philly sports fan is truly passionate and loyal, whether they live in the Delaware Valley or anywhere else on Planet Earth, but the argument can be made that the Philadelphia Eagles rest on a higher plane with them. The Philly sports fan loves football more than any other game.

We'd rather listen to sports talk radio than a music station. We're hurt by our Birds collapse, but we can't help but seek every opportunity to find every ounce of information that we can find about them. Come on! You know what we mean.

There are rumors about everything from what Jason Kelce might be thinking to who Philly might pursue if they move on from their coordinators. Then, there are the opinions and theories, from fans and trusted voices.

The legends are talking. Wouldn't you expect them to? One that we 're very familiar with hung out on 94 WIP-FM during his weekly call-in. People are trying to determine where the lion's share of the blame belongs. Donovan McNabb has decided to point blame's finger in a slightly surprising direction.

Donovan McNabb believes Howie Roseman, not Nick Sirianni, should find his way to the hot seat.

So, here's what has happened (if you missed it). The Eagles' season ended with a thud, several thuds actually. Fans and the media want answers. No, that isn't totally true. Much of the fan base is looking for someone to blame.

Donovan McNabb, as he does weekly, spoke with the crew on 94 WIP-FM's Afternoon Show on Tuesday. Much of Eagles Nation blames Nick Sirianni for a frustrating end to Philly's season. Others blame Jalen Hurts and the players. We don't hear Howie Roseman blamed often, but '%' has decided to join that train.

McNabb believes Roseman should be on the hot seat. Here's some of what he had to say.

"Well, I don't think they should move on from Nick Sirianni. I'm going to tell you who should be on the hot seat, and that should be your GM, Howie Roseman. These are his groceries. These are the produce that he went on and got shopping and this is what we're seeing. "

Oh, it get's better. He certainly didn't stop there.

"To be honest with you, we may have held onto some people too long and then we paid some people that we shouldn't have paid, and so, when it comes down to it, the product that you put out on the field is not so much the coaches. It's the players. Because when you put the team in a position, they got to make plays and if they're not making plays then we can't just all of the sudden go to the coaches...if the players aren't capable of making plays."

While we respect the opinion, this may be a tough sell Donovan! Howie has climbed from a low approval rating to help lead TWO Eagles teams with different head coaches to a Super Bowl appearance! There's also this to consider.

If we haven't learned anything else about Jeffrey Lurie, we have learned he's always in favor of keeping the guys he truly trusts around. He's also fiercely loyal to his G.M. as they have been through a lot together.

From ups and downs to Chip Kelly burying Howie in the equipment room, Lurie and Roseman have always come out on the other side. It will take a lot for Philly's CEO to move on from his right-hand man, and friends, we're nowhere closer to that day.

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