Eagles legend Eric Allen is snubbed from yet another Pro Football Hall of Fame class

At this point, we have to ask what it will take for Eric Allen's induction.
Eagles Eric Allen
Eagles Eric Allen / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

Well, we don't understand it! We can't begin to tell you how long we have waited to write the story of Eric Allen's induction. Instead, we again must write our story of yet another snub. The 2024 Pro Football Hall of Fame class has been announced. The Philadelphia Eagles' legend's exclusion from football immortality continues.

Here's a disclaimer. We have never asked Eric questions about any of this, so we can't give definitive answers about much of what we're saying. Here's what we'll say despite that.

There's no way that anyone could claim to be more disappointed than him. It's impossible. After all, he's the guy who's being snubbed right? We can only hope his time comes

Eric Allen's time hasn't come yet! There will be no bust carved for the Eagles legend to sit in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Years passed. Guys who weren't as good got their calls and gold jackets, and here we are. We still won't be able to tip our cap to one of the greatest Eagles DBs we have seen. Ladies and gentlemen, our chance to say 'Eric Allen, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee' will have to wait.

We've waited... The wait for us could never be as long as it has been for Eric. Just three nights ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, we have learned the wait will continue.

Yeah, we need a minute. We had no idea we'd be this emotional.

A member of the 1988 Pro Football Writers of America's All-Rookie Team, the six-time Pro Bowler (1989, 1991–1995) is also a two-time Second-team All-Pro (1991,1993) that was voted onto the first team in 1989.

He's a member of the Philadelphia Eagles 75th Anniversary Team and the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame. Football's greatest individual honor will have to wait. At this point, it's hard not to take it personally. We're beginning to wonder if his time will ever come.

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