Fletcher Cox remains at peace about his retirement and that won't change come the next Eagles season

Update: Fletcher Cox is at peace even if some of us aren't. He's settling into retirement nicely.

Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

For many of us, the dream of playing football at its highest level for the Philadelphia Eagles ended at the D1 level. Nope, that isn't true. Let's start over. For most of us, the dream of playing football at the professional level was extinguished right after high school. Yeah... That's about right. Thank God for higher education.

While it would have been nice to run out of the tunnel at Lincoln Financial Field (or Veterans Stadium before that) and stand in a huddle to hear the play call, we long accepted we'd never know what that felt like. Fletcher Cox doesn't have that problem.

A member of the NFL 2010s All-Decade Team, he rocked the Number 91 jersey for a dozen years, and now, he has called it a career. The outpouring of love continues to flow, but of course, it all starts at home.

Yessir! Thank you Fletch! That was awesome! It kind of makes you wonder why he'd call it a career if he can still play, doesn't it?

Don't waste any time worrying about whether or not Fletcher Cox made the right decision. He most certainly isn't.

Seeing as how I never walked through the smoke and spit water out Triple H-style, I wouldn't be able to verify this next statement's accuracy. Here's a guess though.

Having played this game we love and doing so since the pads were bigger than you are and doing so through your adult years has a lot to do with why we see these guys wrestle with whether or not they should hang up the cleats. Fletch isn't having that problem either.

Recently, he hung out on NFL Network's flagship show, Total Access, to discuss, among other things, his proudest accomplishments and what the game plan might wind up being if the Birds call him toward the regular season to inform him that they need some help along the defensive line's interior.

Well, that's all we needed to hear. Get used to seeing Fletch in settings like these. For now, checking in with the six-time Pro Bowler will have to be limited to the occasional mini-media tour like the one we were treated to this week.

In addition to his discussion with NFL Network's Total Access, he took some time to chat with The Rich Eisen Show,

In addition to his discussion with NFL Network's Total Access, he chatted with The Rich Eisen Show. Check the full discussion out below, and be sure to set those notifications. Something tells us we'll be hearing about and from him as spring and summer roll on.

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