Eagles legend gives iconic tip of the cap to Philadelphia's all-star wide receiver duo

Eagles legend DeSean Jackson recently shared his admiration for Philly's current wide receiver duo, A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith.
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

They say game recognizes game. Those who saw DeSean Jackson play in a Philadelphia Eagles jersey can attest that D-Jax had much of it. Sure, half of his 16 NFL seasons were played in other cities for other franchises. That doesn't matter to anyone that loves this team. Never make the mistake of believing that tarnishes his standing with the organization that drafted him. DeSean is an Eagle. His place in the hearts of Birds fans is secure forever.

Sure, we booed him when he landed with Washington. Yes... He responded to the jeers in Week 3 of the 2014 NFL season by hauling in a bomb that went for six points. That doesn't matter either. DeSean is one of us. Nothing will change that. Here's the best part. The love we have for him travels on a two-way street.

Regardless of where life takes him, his heart is in the City of Brotherly Love. Make no mistake. D-Jax loves the Eagles and their fans as much as you guys love him. He's always keeping track of what the organization is doing.

Don't take our word for it. Take a look for yourselves.

Once upon a time, the great Merrill Reese, the voice of the Philadelphia Eagles, stated DeSean, Jeremy Maclin, and Jason Avant combined to form the best trio of wide receivers in franchise history. Shucks... He would know, but there's a question we have been asking ourselves. How likely is it that A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith, and Quez Watkins will make him change his tune at some point?

Another phenomenal year is on the horizon for the Eagles all-star duo and for one of the NFL's best tight ends.

We're calling it now. A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith have the ability and potential to be the best duo at the wide receiver position in Eagles franchise history. Records seem to fall whenever they get on a roll.

DeVonta's rookie regular season ended with him grabbing the franchise record for receiving yards by first-year player (916). Coincidentally, he snatched that record from DeSean Jackson. In his sophomore campaign, Smitty set the franchise record for receptions (95). Here's the best part. He is only scratching the surface of his potential, and he still has room to get better.

A.J. set Eagles Nation on fire in ways that we haven't seen since Terrell Owens first rode into the City of Brotherly Love like a conquering hero. Brown has shown a humility that T.O. sometimes lacked however. It's for that reason that Number 11 has all but erased the memory of the days when Carson Wentz wore the same jersey number.

A.J. has both the respect and admiration of Birds fans everywhere. He has the admiration of franchise legends. In his first season in midnight green. Brown set a new benchmark for the most receiving yards by any Eagles star in a single season (1,496). Mike Quick the man who had previously owned the record and Philly's color commentator on radio call, congratulated him immediately. Quick then sought him out to offer a handshake.

Watching A.J. and DeVonta cook is going to be fun. We have plenty of time to celebrate their chemistry. Throw in the fact that Jalen Hurts also has one of the game's best tight ends on his side in Dallas Goedert, and we're ready to make bold predictions.

Another Eagles franchise record will be achieved this season. For the first time in 91 NFL season, three players (A.J., DeVonta, and Dallas) will finish the campaign with 1,000 yards receiving. That's our story, and we're sticking to it. Yes... We can be quoted.

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