Eagles legend Zach Ertz teaches a masterclass in signing with a Super Bowl contender

Attention mercenaries, if you're ring chasing, make sure you follow the Zach Ertz study guide.
Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles
Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

On November 30th, 2023, former Philadelphia Eagle star and future franchise hall of famer Zach Ertz requested his release from the Arizona Cardinals, one that was granted. He desired to play for a Super Bowl contender. We all had thoughts of a reunion. Zach's mind may have been on something else.

The Eagles had the best record in the NFL at the time. Philly was THE contender. Why would Zach need to join any other team? Ertz is coming home, baby! That's what we thought.

Well, time would inevitably tell that we were the dumbest people ever. Zach is the smartest person ever. He signed with a real contender, the NFC North champion Detroit Lions.

Zach Ertz showed an elite level of patience when choosing a Super Bowl-contending team.

A couple of weeks ago I had a thought, “Whatever happened with Zach Ertz?” It turns out he was just biding his time in one of the most calculated moves ever.

He decided that he wanted to be a ring chaser. He then executed a strategy that Seal Team 6 would be proud of. Guess what? Zach could be on the verge of adding some more hardware to his trophy case.

Waiting until there were potentially two games remaining in Detroit's season was savvy. Talk about a veteran move. If you want to visit a class in ring chasing, make sure Zach Ertz is the professor.

You’ll see older players wait until after training camp and the preseason to sign with a team. That's, oftentimes, so they don’t have to participate in the rigmarole of practicing and whatnot.

Ertz took that strategy to new levels. Again, he wanted to land with a Super Bowl contender. He waited until the Conference Championship Round of the NFL Playoffs to sign the dotted line.

He played less football as a result. He gave himself better odds of making the wise decision. It’s much easier to make the correct decision when you choose from four teams rather than 14.

In the future, for all of you guys who want to play for a contender, use Zach Ertz's strategy as your guide. Our guy has most certainly crushed it.

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