Eagles with the most to gain following DeVante Parker's retirement announcement

Even without DeVante Parker, this is a crowded wide receiver room, but guys will climb the depth chart now,
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Well, that was unexpected. DeVante Parker wasn't the burner that we knew Marquise Goodwin to be. Then again, there aren't many men walking the planet who are, but Parker and Goodwin are identical in that both came to the Philadelphia Eagles as low-risk, high-reward signings. Both left the Eagles having never suited up for a game. Parker's journey was slightly different. He retires on the first day of OTAs after playing in the NFL for nine seasons.

Many believe he had an opportunity to earn a spot on the initial 53-man roster. By leaving, he may have left the door open for someone else.

Whoever earns that spot will have worked hard to occupy it. The Birds have some talent, but this is still a crowded wide receiver room, even in Parker's absence,

These Eagles will climb the depth chart following DeVante Parker's retirement and possibly increase their chances of making the roster.

Parker's exit opens the door for some guys at the bottom of the depth chart. We, like most, believe six wideouts will be kept on Philly's 53-man roster. There are eight guys currently on the roster.

We know A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith are making the squad. We can agree on that, right? That means eight guys are battling for four roster spots.

Let's say the two guys Philly drafted hang around, Johnny Wilson and Ainias Smith. Now, six guys are competing for two spots. All of these are scenarios that are very possible. Here are a few guys with much to gain in Parker's absence.

Parris Campbell

Most of us have done roster projections, whether written or in our heads. There were a few written as recently as days after the NFL Draft that had Parris Campbell hanging on by a thread or on the outside looking in.

Campbell has one elite trait... Speed... And, while it sometimes feels like Philly wants a bigger-bodied guy to take up residency in the slot (see Parker and Julio Jones), Campbell's experience and ability to play in the slot may work to his advantage.

Britain Covey

We can enunciate effective arguments for keeping Britain Covey around and leaving him off the roster. Most can. Here's where we all can agree.

DeVante Parker's exit may open the door for a guy who had a high chance of falling victim to the numbers game.

Joseph Ngata

Speaking of 'numbers games', welcome to Joseph Ngata's portion of the discussion. He generated some buzz for himself in training camp last season but fizzled some when the lights came on during the preseason.

He could realistically earn a spot on the initial 53-man roster as the sixth guy on a six-man depth chart. He and Covey could battle it out for that last spot at wide receiver.

Worth mentioning: Austin Watkins Jr, Jacob Harris, and Shaquan Davis

Austin Watkins Jr, Jacob Harris, and Shaquan Davis are the other guys. They all had tough hills to climb before Parker's retirement and still have tough hills to climb now.

Nothing is impossible. If one of them establishes himself and catches the eye of position coach Aaron Moorehead, he could shock us, but right now, it feels like they're competing for a spot on the practice squad.

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