7 Eagles narratives that must be tossed out with the garbage before final eight games

We're not ready to buy into everything we're hearing about the Eagles.
Jalen Hurts (L), Brian Johnson, (R), Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts (L), Brian Johnson, (R), Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The running game will continue suffering if Jalen Hurts can't run effectively.

Truthfully, when you state this out loud, it sounds like it should be true. The eyeball test has given us more credence to believe it. We have, however, decided to make an executive decision.

We have placed this one on the list because we hope we're wrong for thinking this.

Watching Miles Sanders play in Charlotte with the Carolina Panthers leads us to believe his Pro Bowl nod last season may have been the result of playing behind the NFL's best offensive line. D'Andre Swift might have more talent and is currently in the hunt to win the NFL's rushing title.

Again, an injured Jalen Hurts isn't going to short-circuit the Eagles' running game (and, least we hope not).

Sydney Brown and Eli Ricks, as currently constructed, are ready for prime time.

Sydney Brown and Eli Ricks are NFL stars in the making. We truly believe that. They deserve to be on an NFL roster. Once they settle in, they're going to turn a lot of heads, but it's pretty obvious that they aren't quite where much of the Eagles fan base wants to believe they are.

Sydney Brown is a head hunter, but he has to learn how to cover and refine some things there. Eli Ricks is very talented, and he will be fine as he continues to get more playing time. Philly is lucky to have them both.

We may, however, want to come to grips with the fact that neither is a slot receiver. What the heck happened to Josiah Scott. Didn't Philly bring him back recently?

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