Eagles news: Brian Dawkins loves the gritty wins, D'Andre Swift in striking distance of milestone

When the legend Brian Dawkins talks we listen. We also have our eyes on something one of the new Eagles is doing.
Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles
Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles / Joe Robbins/GettyImages

We'd never tell you that all Philadelphia Eagles are created equal because they aren't. Some guys' names create a different type of response. Here's kind of an idea of what we mean.

We could discuss the immortals all day, guys like Chuck Bednarik and Reggie White. We could tip the cap to some of the current greats. Here's our shout-out to guys like Haason Reddick, Jalen Hurts, and others.

Then you have guys like the living legends, Jason Kelce and Brian Dawkins. The former is a future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee who is still adding to his resume. The latter has already been enshrined and is the closest thing Philly has to EF Hutton.

When Weapon X talks, every Eagles fan pays attention.

Eagles news: Brian Dawkins is a fan of the gritty wins (and some of the current Eagles).

Brian Dawkins hasn't suited up for the Eagles since the Birds fell in an NFC Championship Game played on January 18th of 2009 to the Arizona Cardinals. Almost 15 years later, his voice and presence still commands our attention.

Recently, during his most recent mini-media tour, he took time out to compliment QB1 Jalen Hurts and newly-acquired Kevin Byard on an episode of Sports Take. He'd also like you to know he's a fan of the gritty wins.

From Dawk's mouth to our ears. Hey, he's right though.

Those stress-inducing wins are never fun unless your team comes out on the winning side of them. Here's where we stand though. Those close wins also forge great teams through adversity.

Philly has had a few close calls. Sure, a couple of blowout wins will help ease some of the tension, but the Birds are better for having walked through the fire unscathed

A gauntlet approaches. We'll no a lot more about this tea, five weeks from now. Hopefully, we're smiling after that game versus the Seattle Seahawks.

More Eagles news: D'Andre Swift is in striking distance of aN NFL rushing title.

Here's something that you may want to keep an eye on. D'Andre Swift is in striking distance of the NFL's rushing title. Don't take our word for it, Take a look for yourselves.

He's talented. He hasn't been overworked for the most part. Philly is home to pro football's best offensive line. Stay tuned boys and girls.

Eight games remain on the NFL's regular season. Running back is pro football's most punishing position.

Whoever comes out on top of the NFL's race for the rushing title will have earned it. Can D. Swift get it done? If he stays healthy, there's a chance.

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