Eagles news: Debunking DeMarcus Lawrence and Mina Kimes bold Cowboys claim

DeMarcus Lawrence, Philadelphia Eagles
DeMarcus Lawrence, Philadelphia Eagles / Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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Guess what? DeMarcus Lawrence seems to have overreached again with a recent Cowboys and Eagles comparison.

It was the shot heard 'round the pro football universe. Okay, maybe that's a gross exaggeration of the events, but we aren't too far off here. You guys hang out on Twitter and other forms of social media, and most of you saw what DeMarcus Lawrence said. He thinks the Dallas Cowboys defense has closed the gap to some degree on the Philadelphia Eagles. Stop laughing. We're trying to be serious here.

A quick glance at the film will tell you that the Cowboys' recent success versus Philly has had little to do with what Lawrence has done. He has collected three career sacks versus the Eagles in 16 career games versus the Birds (and, if we're not mistaken, one sack versus Lane Johnson when they have lined up versus one another). That's a story for another day, but here's where the rubber meets the road.

Recently, he hung out with the Associated Press' Rob Maaddi, made his claim, and ESPN's Mina Kimes agreed with him. We present exhibit A and exhibit B into evidence.

Buckle up. We have much to discuss. It won't take long at all to debunk any of this.