Eagles news: Debunking DeMarcus Lawrence and Mina Kimes bold Cowboys claim

DeMarcus Lawrence, Philadelphia Eagles
DeMarcus Lawrence, Philadelphia Eagles / Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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We're still huge Mina Kimes fans, but there's absolutely no reason to listen to anything DeMarcus Lawrence says.

Before we venture any further into this, we'd like to make two points. One, DeMarcus Lawrence talks all of the time. Often, we hear or read nothing of note.

Sure, we'd prefer if he let his play on the field do the talking. He certainly could benefit from better showings in big moments, but it doesn't appear that he will oblige us. That's another story for another day, but here's the silver lining. With the Eagles enjoying their summer and being off until July 25th, he has given us something to discuss.

The second point we'd like to make is this. You have heard the saying about 'living rent-free in other people's heads', right? Every time, we hear that now, we think of the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.

Dallas has closed the gap on Philly? In what galaxy?

Oh well, we need some target practice. It's nice to sharpen the swords every now and again, so here we go. We can give you about 20 reasons why this theory is flawed, but just to whet the whistle, we'll give you a handful.