Eagles news: Haason Reddick teams with Campbell's to support 'Chunky Sacks Hunger'

Haason Reddick helps host a food donation event with the men and women of Philabundance while partnering with Campbell's for their second 'Chunky Sacks Hunger' campaign.
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Stories like the following need to be told more often. We'll run narratives in the ground when someone makes mistakes or runs afoul of the law. Someone needs to spotlight some great things guys like Philadelphia Eagles star Haason Reddick are doing.

Don't worry! We've got you covered on that front!

We were fortunate enough to cross paths with the New Jersey native and Temple alum. Thank our friends over at the MSL Group for the alley-oop pass and for giving us the heads up.

While you're at it, thank Reddick, Campbell's, and the outstanding men and women of Philabundance for championing a great cause. This one is certain to make you smile.

Haason Reddick helps host Campbell's second 'Chunky Sacks Hunger' campaign.

NFL stars work hard, so typically, on their off days, they're looking for a little rest and relaxation... as they should. Mr. Reddick did the opposite recently. He decided to roll up his sleeves and go back to work. On October's first Tuesday, he hung out at a food donation event at Philabundance. The purpose? He wanted to ease some of the stress others were feeling.

This is the second year Campbell's kicked off its 'Chunky Sacks Hunger' campaign. Before things got super busy, he allowed Inside The Iggles editor Geoffrey A. Knox to bend his ear, hang out with him, and ask him about his involvement and passion for charities.

Yep! We told you that one was going to make you smile! Well done Haason... Well done...

Versus the Washington Commanders, while finally free of the cast that undoubtedly restricted some of the things that he was able to do physically, Reddick notched his first QB takedown of this still-young 2023 season... Then he forced a false start penalty on the next play. Make no mistake about it! He's just getting started. He'll continue to come up huge when his teammates need him most.

Why would we doubt that? He's obviously clutch both on the field and off. We tip our caps, both midnight and kelly green, to Campbell's, Philabundance, and Number 7. He's a phenomenal athlete and an even better person. We cheer for him every time he steps on the field, but we're cheering for him off of it as well.

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