Eagles news: Jalen Carter is scheduled for an MRI, the Brotherly Sweep

Eagles rookie Milton Williams is expected to undergo an MRI on Monday.
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

As has often been the case with this Philadelphia Eagles team, a win has proven to be costly. Their sparkplug, Jalen Carter, left Week 8's win over the Washington Commanders early, and there are concerns that he may miss some time.

CBS Sports' Jeff Kerr joined Birds 365 on Monday. He stated that Philly's talented rookie didn't appear to be dealing with a ton of discomfort post-game, but naturally, we can't take much from that. There's also news that an MRI is scheduled for Monday.

Here's Jeff McLane's report.

Jordan Davis is working his way through a hamstring issue. A huge divisional game versus the Dallas Cowboys awaits Philly next week. Fingers are crossed. We hope Jalen is okay.

Fletcher Cox is still in the mix and enjoying a decent campaign. Milton Williams has played well, but let's hope the rookie is okay.

Update: Head coach Nick Sirianni speaks on Jalen Carter's status on Monday.

Philly's head coach met with select members of the Philly media on Monday. As you might imagine, Jalen Carter's name was mentioned, and questions were asked about his status.

This story is developing. It will continue to do so all week, Make sure you check back for updates!

More Eagles news: The Eagles introduce the 'Brotherly Sweep'.

By now, you've probably figured out that, with the NFL's best offensive line AND a starting quarterback that squats 600 pounds, the only way the Brotherly Shove can be stopped is for the Eagles to have a breakdown in execution.

Seriously, they have to fumble or something. Let's hope we don't see that or two fumbles inside the opponent's five-yard line ever again.

Less than a week ago, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Joe Thomas visited the Roku Channel's Rich Eisen Show and discussed his theories on legitimate ways to stop Philly's seemingly unstoppable play.

He suggested making Philly run something else out of the same formation. Welp... That isn't going to work either it seems. Ladies and gentlemen, we share for your entertainment Week 8's Brotherly Sweep.

As fun as that was, we just have one question. Why run this in a game where the outcome seems to be in hand? We probably would have saved this for another game and time, but hey, as dominant as the Birds have been, it may not matter much if they pull this one out of the hat again.

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