Eagles news: Jalen Hurts' philanthropy, Philly's other Swole Batman

Jalen Hurts gives back. Meanwhile, the Eagles' 'Dynamic Duo' may field two Swole Batmen next season.
Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Offseason workouts... Off-field contribution... These two things won't directly affect on-field results but are often among the things we point to when remembering why we're Philadelphia Eagles fans. Herschel Walker won't remember this, but once upon a time, he handed me a pair of gloves. I never forgot that. Do you see how that works?

Recently, I fell further in love with my team, and the reason had nothing to do with Xs, Os, or wins and losses. It was the result of QB1's philanthropy. It's always fun to tell these stories.

Eagles news: Jalen Hurts donates $200k to assist the school system.

We can live for another 50 years, and even though the Eagles will have changed many times over that span, we can assure you we'd never get tired of telling these stories. It's important to shine light on those that make positive contributions, especially when those people often avoid the temptation to shine the spotlight on themselves.

Believe it or not, we haven't discussed Jalen Hurts as often this offseason as we have in years past. This time, his field vision isn't the topic of discussion. This time we do so for his philanthropy. Recently, QB1 donated $200k to Philly area schools so that they might invest in newer air-conditioning units.

We could tell these stories all day, but this time, we'll make it easy on ourselves. We'll let 6ABC and CBS Philadelphia do the work for us. Take a look.

Did we mention we could tell these stories all day? Year in and year out, we can discuss the characters on the Eagles roster. Year in and year out, they're always certain to have several, but here's the best thing about that.

Year in and year out, there are more instances where we can talk about the character possessed by these Eagles players. That's more important. Yeah, they make us laugh. Yes, we follow them on social media, but this team always has a few good guys, and QB1 certainly qualifies.

More Eagles news: Philly may have another Swole Batman this season in DeVonta Smith.

Speaking of good guys that make us smile and do cool things in the community, welcome to DeVonta Smith's portion of our conversation. Skinny Batman may not be Skinny Batman too much longer. Apparently, he's been pumping the iron.

Chad Johnson and Shannon Sharpe's recent Nightcap show was one to watch. Among the topics was DeVonta's offseason workout program. Ochocinco had this to say:

“I guarantee you when you see him this year, you gonna be like “(Expletive) boy, you been working! He’s about 190, I kid you not.”

Philly's Swole Batman is A.J. Brown for the past two seasons, but it looks like the Eagles will field a pair in 2024. Frankly, we can't wait!

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