Eagles news: James Bradberry finds himself mentioned in a rather unflattering metric

Wait! Wasn't this supposed to be James Bradberry's revenge tour?
James Bradberry #24, Philadelphia Eagles
James Bradberry #24, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

During the offseason, three conversations existed involving James Bradberry. The first mentioned that controversial holding penalty that ultimately decided Super Bowl LVII's game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Yep! We're STILL talking about that one.

Sure, it was holding. We all knew there was an infraction when it happened. Heck... James Bradberry even said he was guilty of holding. Our only questions were about why we waited until the most critical juncture of the game to begin throwing flags when guys were 'allowed to play' for most of the contest.

Yes, we realize that was last February. We just wanted you to know how irritating that was to watch. Where were we? Oh, that's right. Conversations involving James Bradberry.

Thank CBS Sports Jeff Kerr for pointing out something we missed during James Bradberry's regression.

Following the heartbreak that was Super Bowl LVII, we dusted ourselves off and moved on, as best we could anyway. No one blamed James Bradberry for the loss. After all, he was named a Second-Team All-Pro, and we had grown fond of him. It had become easier to blame Jonathan Gannon because we had grown weary of him.

So, the offseason began, and two more conversations began about James Bradberry. One detailed his impending free agency and the desire we all had for his return. The other mentioned that, if he was retained, the Eagles would have two starting-level corners under contract that had exceeded the age of 30 before the 2023 season began.

To some, reaching 30 years of life is an accomplishment. To others. NFL stars for instance, three decades on the planet forces some to ask if a man should consider retiring.

We crossed our fingers and hoped that James had more good football left in him. As it turns out, he may not. James Bradberry hasn't just regressed. He has fallen off of a cliff.

Further evidence was seen on Monday Night Football as James committed penalties that extended drives and ultimately went on to find himself on the wrong end of the Seattle Seahawks' go-ahead, game-winning touchdown. Days later, his recent misstep has made him the subject of another conversation.

Thank CBS Sports' Jeff Kerr for the numbers.

Now, don't read what hasn't been written. Don't hear what hasn't been said. We're all lovers of Birds football. We want to see our guys do well. We won't lie to you though. We're very concerned about what we're seeing.

We asked if James Bradberry could be one of those freaks of natures, one of those exceptions to the 'guys need to hang it up after 30' theory. So far, we've been given more to complain about than to celebrate, but there's still meaningful football left to play. Fingers are crossed that the 2022 Second-Team All-Pro has mor good days ahead of him than not.

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