Eagles news: Opposing NFL franchises have seemingly learned nothing from Philly and the 49ers

Yeah... You're not going to believe this. Guess who's drawing NFL interest again.

Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles
Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

There's a reason why we try to keep our criticisms of Nick Sirianni to a minimum. Actually, there are several. There are also reasons why we don't harp on the mistakes we see from our Philadelphia Eagles. They're the same reasons we try not to bash Howie Roseman when we see him make mistakes. Here's one of the most obvious.

We'd like to believe that we can draw up a better offensive game plan than Nick Sirianni. Some believe they can do Howie's job better than Howie can do his job. The truth is we can't. That doesn't mean we aren't sometimes right in what we're seeing.

The screen passes didn't work. Philly's offense lacked imagination. If you need a historical reference, think back to Chip Kelly.

We knew trading LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso was dumb. No one believed the lies that were being spewed about DeSean Jackson (or at least you shouldn't have). Chip was fired. We still can't figure out why the San Francisco 49ers gave him a second chance to be an NFL head coach. Guess what? There appears to be some growing interest in giving him a third opportunity.

CBS Sports reports some NFL teams are showing interest in former Eagles/49ers head coach, Chip Kelly. We just can't understand why?

This isn't an exaggeration. We read the report three times just to convince ourselves that we weren't being punked. Don't get us wrong. Jonathan Jones' story on there being growing NFL interest in Chip Kelly is fine work. We just thought he'd say he was kidding at some point. Guess what? He never said that he was kidding.

Chip Kelly didn't get much right during his three seasons as the Eagles' head coach. Well, he gave us Jeff Stoutland, so maybe we should thank him for that, but it's hard to deny Philly regressed each season with him at the helm.

It's sad that one of the most memorable tales from his Eagles era was his decision to relegate Howie Roseman to equipment room duty. It's even sadder that the Niners gave him a second chance. We want to ignore this one, but we can't. It's like trying to drive past a car accident without being nosey.

There's no point in lying. Even now, despite everything that has happened, Chip still fascinates us. We'll be watching this one closely to see if Chip lands somewhere.

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