Eagles news: Philly waives four future prospects to add undrafted free agents

Philly has parted ways with a quartet of futures.
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"Not For Long"... Maybe that's what NFL should stand for. Jerry Glanville said that once while in Atlanta. Many years later, that statement makes even more sense than it did then. You can thank the Philadelphia Eagles for that.

Four Birds who signed futures deals shortly after the close of the most reason season have been given their walking papers for now. The reason? Philly has to open a few roster spots to allow their undrafted rookie free agents in.

Buckle up. We have a few things to touch on.

Eagles news: Four players Philly signed to futures deals are gone.

Philly added nine players by way of the NFL Draft. They added another handful as undrafted rookie free agents. Rookie minicamp should be a lot of fun.

The Birds, like every other NFL franchise will have to continue making moves to keep the preseason roster at the allowable 90-man limit. They recently took a step toward doing so by releasing four players they had signed to futures deals earlier in the offseason.

Here's the skinny on each one.

Griffin Hebert, wide receiver

Last May, Griffin Hebert signed with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent but didn't find his way onto their roster. He spent last season on Philly's practice squad.

Tiawan Mullen, cornerback

Another UDFA, Tiawan Mullen was scooped by the L.A. Chargers post-draft. He also spent a portion of last season on the Eagles scout team.

Lecitus Smith, offensive lineman

The Arizona Cardinals drafted Lecitus Smith during the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He made ten in-game appearances with two starts as a rookie. He recently spent some time with the Houston Texans practice squad last season after the Cards released him during final roster cuts before last season.

Noah Elliss, interior defensive lineman

Noah Elliss is probably the guy most of us are most familiar with here. He's the younger brother of former Eagles linebacker Christian Elliss. Both are the older brothers of recently drafted Jonah Elliss out of Utah. He has been on and off the Eagles' practice squad since being added as a UDFA in 2022.

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