Eagles players we would love to have Thanksgiving dinner with

It would be a dream to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of our favorite Eagles players.
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Jordan Mailata

Here's another obvious choice. If Jordan Mailata wanted to help us relax after a big meal, he need only bless us with his singing voice. He also provided vocals for the
A Philly Special Christmas album. He also appeared on The Masked Singer. Yep! That sounds like someone we'd love to spend the holiday with.

Maybe it's just us, but we'd love to hear more about his time in Australia or learn more about his love of singing, Jordan would certainly make a great guest at the table this year.

Brandon Graham

Another longtime Eagles legend and fan-favorite would be welcome at any Thanksgiving dinner table. Brandon Graham was drafted by the Eagles in 2010 and has improved his game year after year.

His career got off to a slow start, but he held serve, eventually becoming a Super Bowl hero against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. B.G. eventually made his first Pro Bowl selection in 2020 and is still a major piece to the defensive line's rotation, but guess what? Those aren't even the top reasons why he is invited.

We'd love to have B.G. at the Thanksgiving dinner table because of his smile and how he spices things up (pun intended). He isn't shy by any means and would be instant entertainment for your guests and your family.

He always makes us smile whether that be trash-talking during the coin toss (see Philly's game against the New York Giants in last year's playoff game) or any of the memorable moments below.

Yeah... Who doesn't want this guy around when the Cowboys kick off?