Eagles players we would love to have Thanksgiving dinner with

It would be a dream to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of our favorite Eagles players.
Philadelphia Eagles
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Jalen Hurts

Well, this has to be obvious. Invite QB1 from your favorite football team, and it may not matter what the food tastes like.

You can't discuss possible guests and leave the Eagles' starting quarterback off of your list of guys who have earned their spots at your dinner table. Since entering the league in 2020, Jalen Hurts has been one of the greatest motivators this organization has ever had the pleasure of handing a jersey to.

Philly has rallied around him as he has done nothing but improve himself and those around him week after week. The MVP runner-up from last season is again making a case for postseason awards even though he is battling through injuries. The ultimate goal, however, is a trip back to the Super Bowl (and raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy).

Fans can certainly learn from Hurts if they're curious about what it means to never give up and to continue pushing forward. The former Crimson Tide quarterback was benched at Alabama before transferring to the Oklahoma Sooners. We won't even get into the naysayers he had at the NFL level.

Hurts joined Philadelphia as a backup. He struggled as a rookie. His determination and work ethic totally transformed what people think of him.

He's now one of the highest-paid players in the league and could potentially be one of the best QBs in Eagles history. Yes... Invite him to dinner, and if you aren't shy, maybe we can ask him to pay for some of the groceries. Heaven knows that he can afford them.