Eagles positional grades ahead of their Week 4 home matchup versus the Commanders

Looking ahead toward the resilient Commanders, the Philadelphia Eagles must keep the train rolling to stay undefeated. Here's how every position group has done thus far!
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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The Eagles will need to keep riding this wave of momentum as they welcome the Commanders in Week 4.

Whether you were present or watching the game on television, the atmosphere on Monday Night Football felt different from what we saw in each of the Philadelphia Eagles' first two games of the regular season. There were more questions than answers heading into the most recent affair, and the Birds did their best to answer many of them in prime time.

For the most part, regardless of what you were spending most of your time paying attention to, we all asked one very specific question. Will the Birds finally knock off the rust, or will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers expose some ugly truths?

Philly walked into this one with an undefeated record, but you may have had your questions about whether or not that was the case if you listened to fans or members of both the local and national media. Some of the criticism, however, was deserved.

The Eagles failed to gain any significant or consistent tractions, particularly on offense, during their wins over the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings. A stronger showing in Week 3 seems to have settled things some.

Monday provided a statement game to some degree. The Eagles enjoyed their most impressive win of the season. As we prepare to turn the page to the hated Washington Commanders, let's take some time to evaluate the recent play of every position group.