Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts officially signs with Jordan brand, and we should have seen this coming

Jalen Hurts cashes in again. The Eagles star quarterback joins one of the most powerful athletic imprints on Planet Earth, Jordan Brand.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

It isn't often that we discuss Philadelphia Eagles football and our minds drift into discussions about Michael Jordan's greatness, but on days like today, that conversation seems appropriate. While some of you may be a little younger and only saw his brilliance by way of YouTube and watching ESPN's ten-part The Last Dance epic. Those of us who were witnesses have never forgotten.

M.J. is the reason so many NBA Hall of Famers don't have rings of their own. Names like Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, and John Stockton/Karl Malone come to mind. Take Jordan out of the equation, and most if not all of those guys win it all at some point.

Michael Jordan hasn't played basketball in two decades, and he STILL owns the most poplar athletic shoe on the market. Explain that. Then, again, don't. We'll be happy to do so for you.

Some have stated he no longer holds the title of being the NBA's G.O.A.T. or that the discussion is up for debate. Those people are wrong, but hang in there. We're going somewhere.

M.J.'s legacy is that he was so great, he made fans out of other stars. How so you ask? Look at it this way. We'll never see Peyton Manning or Tom Brady rock each other's jerseys, but we might see both rock a pair of Jordan tennis shoes.

Don't look now, but Jalen Hurts has cashed in again. His lane and M.J.'s now intersect. That's right! QB1 cashes in again.

Jalen Hurts joins one of the most powerful athletic imprints on Planet Earth, Jordan Brand, and everyone should have seen this coming.

Let's not beat around the bush too much here. Jalen Hurts aligns himself with the Jordan Brand. Further explanations are unnecessary. Just check out the visuals.

Honestly, as strange as this may sound. This doesn't surprise me. I knew something was up when he co-starred in Teyana Taylor's 'A Rose From Harlem' short film. I knew something was up when, on the second day of training camp practice, he rocked a pair of Jordan XII cleats. This just confirms what I was already thinking.

QB1 has aligned himself with your favorite G.O.A.T.'s favorite G.O.A.T. and again, as stated earlier, he has cashed in. Will he soar to the heights in his own field that Michael Jordan soared to while changing the landscape of professional basketball forever? We'll have to wait and see. Jordan was a tough act to follow and still is, but hopefully, he already has M.J. on speed dial.