Eagles release a hype reel and it will make you run through a wall

There isn't a better social media team in pro football than the one the Eagles employ. They have made magic happen again with their recent hype reel.
Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Sands are passing through the hourglass. At the time of this story being written and published, we're a tad over 48 hours before the Philadelphia Eagles kick off its regular season by trying to ruin Tom Brady appreciation day versus the New England Patriots, and the NFL's best social media team is patting itself on the back after crafting a fine visual.

Maybe you're more level-headed than we are. We admit we can be emotional, but this one almost made us run through a wall. Philly didn't just release a hype reel. They released the hype reel of all hype reels. This one made us want to run through a wall.

Sometimes you have to just give credit where it's due. We have said this before, and we'll say it again. There isn't a better social media team than the one the Eagles employ.

Hype reels are one thing, and performance is another. The Eagles are in for a tough journey all season.

They say people remember more of what they do than what they hear. They also say they will retain more of what they see than they read. We may be paraphrasing some there, but you get the idea. Let's make long stories short. There isn't much that needs to be said after the release of Philly's new visual, but for kicks, let's make an attempt.

For once in our lives, we're speechless. We'd hit the fast-forward button if we had one. The only thing that will satisfy us now is a game. We have talked about how impressive this team is on paper because they are. We discussed the schedule until we were blue on the face, but nothing will come easy this season.

The Philadelphia Eagles are no longer the hunters. They're the hunted. Sure, they'll be more talented than most of the teams they face, but if they're to get back to the Super Bowl and win it, they'll need their best effort all season because they are going to get everyone's best shot.

They may have outdone themselves with this clip, but the time for talking and social media posts and theory is done. Step number one comes in Week 1. Then, it's full speed ahead from now until February.

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