Eagles have reportedly reached out to Frank Reich: Could a reunion be on the horizon?

The Eagles have reportedly made the call that everyone is hoping they would. Will it lead to anything worth discussing?
Frank Reich, Philadelphia Eagles
Frank Reich, Philadelphia Eagles / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

If portions of the Philadelphia Eagles' 2023 story sound familiar, that's because it should. Think back to the 2017 iteration. You see where this is headed, right?

Let us explain. Both teams qualified for the Super Bowl in their respective seasons. One team won. The other didn't. On both occasions, the Indianapolis Colts poached them of their offensive coordinator to fill a head-coaching vacancy.

Yes friends, Frank Reich was Shane Steichen before most of us knew who the latter was. Don't look now, but something might be afoot.

Philadelphia, to the delight of many Eagles fans, has reached out to Frank Reich. Is there any reason for us to get excited though?

Most die-hard Eagles fans don't need to be made aware of this. They have. no doubt, been following the Indianapolis Colts and Carolina Panthers anyway in recent seasons. Here's the skinny though.

Our beloved Frank Reich was one of the masterminds behind Philly's Super Bowl-winning offense during the 2017-2018 NFL season. He has been missed since his departure. He led the Colts from 2018 until 2022.

He was most recently the Panthers HC this season but was fired following a 1-10 start. He's been chilling on the couch ever since, prompting some Birds fans to rally behind any statements that agree with it being wise for Philly to inquire about his interest in a return.

Guess what? According to JAKIB Sports mainstay, the always-entertaining Dan Sileo. The Birds have indeed made that call. They haven't just inquired about his possible return as an OC. He's also helping Nick sift through a coordinator search. Take a look.

Surely, this wouldn't lead to anything, right? We're probably wasting our time by being excited correct? Hold those horses. Rob Maaddi believes that, if anyone can get good ol' Frank off of the couch, it's probably Nick Sirianni.

At the time this story was published, smoke hadn't led to any fire yet. That doesn't mean that it won't though. Keep both eyes on this one. We'll let you know if this gains any traction.

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