Eagles roster: 11 free agents still available, concerns with each player

Kwon Alexander, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Kwon Alexander, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Adrian Amos, safety

Okay, this is one of the guys who probably shouldn't be on this list. Adrian Amos is a leader and he has been durable. He isn't affiliated with any NFL team currently, but there's no real reason why he shouldn't be.

If the Birds find out in training camp that they'd like to swap one of their guys out, this should be one of the first calls they make to an outside party if he is available. He hasn't missed a game since 2017.

Biggest concern

None of the guys on this list are perfect signings. All have their red flags, and that's why they aren't playing anywhere.

In Amos' case, he took a step backward last season as a pass defender. Some could argue what we saw was an outlier. Others could state, at 30 years of age, that deterioration is nearing. Then again, could we blame the Green Bay Packers' defense as a whole.?

Duron Harmon, safety

Unlike Amos, Duron Harmon did a fantastic job in coverage last season. Every year, he records multiple interceptions. Last year he had two, including a 75-yard pick-six.

Biggest concern

Maybe we're cheating by saying that most of these guys' weaknesses revolve around aging, but that's part of how this works, right? Father Time is undefeated.

We don't see this often, but despite being 30, Harmon seemed to get stronger as the season went on. He just turned 32, so we'll be keeping tabs on him. They keep telling us that football is a young man's game, but Duron keeps holding his own.