Eagles rumors: Adam Schefter annihilates false reporting of dissension in the Eagles' locker room

Well, here's a report by Adam Schefter that we can consume and do so while smiling.

Adam Schefter, Philadelphia Eagles news
Adam Schefter, Philadelphia Eagles news / Slaven Vlasic/GettyImages

Say what you will about Adam Schefter. Most would love to do what he does for a living, and they'd be willing to do it for half his salary. That doesn't mean that all things are perfect though. Sure, we understand some of the angst. Look no further than his report of a conversation Jason Kelce was said to have had with his Philadelphia Eagles teammates following their Wild Card Round loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jason's response to that report, and the heat that Schefty has taken from Philly sports fans since.

Here's the thing. This next statement isn't meant to defend or condemn, but anyone who does what Schefter has done will occasionally miss the bullseye if they do so long enough. It's the nature of the beast. Perhaps this next statement will steer him back toward your good graces.

Schefter was recently a guest on 97.5 The FM's The John Kincade Show. One of the topics was that 'locker room tension' we have discussed rather frequently. Buckle up. This one is fascinating.

Adam Schefter debunks theories that there was hostility in the Eagles locker room among players.

We've discussed the Eagles locker room several times, particularly during this past season's collapse. Anonymous sources expressed their concerns to Derrick Gunn. A.J. Brown played peacemaker. Conflicting stories have been birthed ever since.

Take a recent take from Craig Carton, one taken from his television show on FS1. He believes he, some would say, needs to 'spill the tea', sort of. In short, he says he knows why the Eagles collapsed, but he won't tell us the reason that it happened, except to say the following.

“I can tell you that it is a problem that would splinter any group of men, any group of men. It is a real, significant problem and it cannot be fixed … I’m not gonna tell you any more than that, but I know what the problem was. I know they’re trying to fix it, and I don’t think it can be fixed. So, it will be very interesting to see if a high-profile player is no longer with the Eagles going into this season.” 

Schefty, as mentioned, spoke with John Kincade on his show. He added the following "I texted someone in the organization yesterday, and the text I got back was, 'None of that 'S' happened,".

Listen to the full discussion below.

So, what do you think? Whose side are you buying? Do you even care? Truthfully, we wouldn't blame you if you didn't. It's a topic most of us would rather ignore. It's also a story that many Birds fans are interested in, so we couldn't ignore it, right?

Oh well... We can feel those condemning stares from all of you, so here's where we'll leave this. Sadly, we have to talk about this. We may never have all the answers about what happened (and shouldn't). Trust us when we tell you though... The NFL Scouting Combine can't get here fast enough.

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