Eagles rumors: Philly's interest in Shaquille Leonard is increasing per report

Philly's interest in Leonard is increasing according to an NFL insider.

Shaquille Leonard, Philadelphia Eagles
Shaquille Leonard, Philadelphia Eagles / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a race with the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East's crown. If we listen to what's being churned out of every rumor mill, these age-old rivals might also be in a race to secure the services of one of the NFL's most sought-after free agents. Yes friends, we're still talking about former Indianapolis Colts star Shaquille Leonard.

Most of us dismissed this as a possibility when he was first waived. If we're being honest, we did so again after he cleared waivers. Acquiring him made sense, but then again, it didn't.

He commanded a price tag that exceeded $6 million. Philly already had Nicholas Morrow and Zach Cunningham in the fold. Not only that, they also had Nakobe Dean scheduled to come back from the injured reserve at some point.

Why would they invest so much coin into a position that they've never put a ton of stock in? That's what we asked ourselves. Then, Cunningham left Week 12's game with some sort of hamstring injury, and Leonard was scheduled to visit the Cowboys on Tuesday. Just like that, the rumor mill began churning again.

Josina Anderson reports the Eagles have 'increasing interest in Shaquille Leonard.

We've been hearing the Birds and Cowboys have been the two most interested parties in acquiring Shaq Leonard. Now, it appears that the train has picked up some steam. Senior NFL Insider Josina Anderson is apparently hearing that Philly might be more interested than they originally anticipated.

What a difference a week makes. Despite being released a few days earlier, the last time we saw Leonard, he was at a Colts game. Indy invited Leonard back on Sunday and offered a tribute, which in itself was strange. Then again, maybe it isn't. You never know with Jim Irsay.

As far as Eagles-related angles are concerned, this is something to keep your eyes on. Smoke doesn't always lead to fire in many of these cases, but Josina Anderson knows her stuff. Keep it locked. This could get more interesting.

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