Eagles rumors: Philly reportedly ignoring Bill Belichick understandably creates mini-controversy

Add this one to the list of conversations worth having in the break room or at the office water cooler. You won't believe what has been said this time.
Bill Belichick, Philadelphia Eagles
Bill Belichick, Philadelphia Eagles / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

The next time you're struggling with the validity of one of your thoughts, try something. Try enunciating your thought out loud. See how it sounds. If you're still struggling with it, you may want to alter a few theories. Try it with us. Say this out loud. 'Bill Belichick is a better head coach than Nick Sirianni'. No one would debate that one, right? Now, try saying something else.

'The Philadelphia Eagles, if they have a shot at landing Bill Belichick, should ignore him and stick with Nick Sirianni anyway'. Did you see that? It just doesn't sound right, does it? Believe it or not, that's what people are talking about on January's final day.

Per report, the Eagles were intrigued with Bill Belichick but elected instead to stick with Nick Sirianni.

Do not adjust your monitors or restart your cellular phones. This isn't a drill. Per report, Philly had interest in pursuing Bill Belichick to possibly fill what some thought might wind up being a head-coaching vacancy in the organization. Here's the wird thing though. Nick Sirianni was never fired.

Here's the report if you're interested.

Honestly, we don't know what to say about that. This one is a head-scratcher, but hey, maybe more will be learned later. Until then, we turn to the guys at 98.5 The Sports Hub on the highly popular “Felger & Mazz” for a little help in dissecting this one. This is a fascinating listen.

Welcome to the ever-churning offseason rumor mill. We'd love to discuss Senior Bowl prospects and free agency. We will at some point, but when you hear something like this, it's too good of a story to pass by. Here's where we believe is the best place to wrap this one... for now.

Philly ultimately made the best public relations-minded move possible. Truthfully, after moving on from Super Bowl-winning head coach Doug Pederson, a man with 53 and 62 percent winning percentages during the regular season and postseason respectively, it would have been a bad look to fire a guy who led the Birds to playoff appearances in each of his first three seasons (and a Super Bowl appearance in his second). This is Bill Belichick the Birds have been rumored to ignore. You can see why people are discussing the report though, right?

Then again, Philly ignored the G.O.A.T., but so did every other NFL team that needed a head coach. Are teams looking for the next big (and young) thing? Or, are there theories that maybe Tom Brady had more to do with that Patriots dynasty than Bill did?

We may never know the answer to that. Who knows? maybe Bill will be back at some point next season, but in the meantime, football will look a little different in 2024 without the mean guy snarling in Foxborough.

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