Eagles rumors: Potential Shaq Leonard acquisition seems more likely after Week 13 per report

CBS Sports' Josina Anderson again connects the dots linking the Eagles to free-agent linebacker Shaq Leonard.
Shaquille Leonard, Philadelphia Eagles
Shaquille Leonard, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Okay, let's be honest. If there was an available linebacker that could have stopped the avalanche the Philadelphia Eagles were buried under in Week 13, he wouldn't actually be available, He would have been signed long ago. Contrary to what's becoming a popular opinion, Shaquille Leonard wouldn't have stifled what the San Francisco 49ers were able to do with Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel. We can put that theory to bed immediately while simultaneously introducing another.

There are two sides to every coin. That was the first. Here's what lies on the other. It's hard to believe, regardless of what you have been told that Shaq has left in the tank, that he would have been worse than what Philly showcased from the linebacker position during Week 13's loss.

There's no way we're going to tell you that the Birds don't need him. They most certainly do, and there seems to be some fire where we once only saw smoke.

CBS Sports' Josina Anderson reports the Eagles' acquisition of Shaq Leonard might be nearing.

We were told Shaq Leonard might decide where he wants to play following Week 13's action. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are seemingly the finalists. We've been waiting to see if anything transpires.

So far, at the time of this story's release, nothing concrete has happened, but Josina Anderson gave us something shortly after lunchtime on the East Coast. There isn't a ton here, but it's more than what we had yesterday.

We sat there, just as confused as most of you, and we watched Brock Purdy try to run over a linebacker with his throwing shoulder. We saw linebackers miss tackles. We saw Nicholas Morrow get run over by Deebo Samuel and give up more than 30 yards receiving when targeted.

Truth be told, Philly's loss to the San Francisco 49ers was very telling. The season isn't over. That narrative needs to end, but changes must be made now. The 49ers brought a fight to Lincoln Financial Field that the Eagles weren't ready for. Can Shaq Leonard help cure some of that? We'll soon see... if he's officially signed of course.