Eagles rumor names Philly, NFC East rivals as recent Bill Belichick suitors

Here's more meat for those previous discussions that were whispered about Philly formerly mulling that Bill Belichick addition over.
Bill Belichick, Philadelphia Eagles news
Bill Belichick, Philadelphia Eagles news / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Poke around long enough while attempting to achieve backstage access to the Philadelphia Eagles, and you'll often feel like you're spinning your wheels. Phrases like 'exercise in futility' come to mind. Seriously, you will often give yourself a headache.

Every time we hear news of a disgruntled NFL veteran, somehow and someway, Philly will be listed as a logical destination (or we'll be inundated with theories about why they aren't). Think about it.

How many times have you heard such stories only to find out while attempting to follow the smoke you never seemed to arrive at any real fires? How often have you told yourself you're tired of seeing another 'insert player's name makes sense for the Eagles' story?

This past offseason, there was a twist. The conversation shifted from player acquisitions to possible coaching hires. Here's what's funny about that.

No one had any real reason to believe that Nick Sirianni's job was in jeopardy... Or, was it?

The Philadelphia Eagles are mentioned as one of the teams who were interested in Bill Belichick during his recent failed coaching search.

If you're looking for a nice read, here's one we recommend. ESPN recently dropped an intriguing story about Bill Belichick's recent failed coaching search.

It's interesting to discuss. Some of you are parents of high school students whose births were preceded by Belichick's hire as New England Patriots head coach. Think about that. There were times when we all thought that, if he ever left Foxborough, he'd be doing so on his terms, because he was done coaching.

As it turned out, the 'What have you done for me lately?' nature of pro football even extends to guys who wear the 'G.O.A,T.' title. He and New England mutually agreed to part ways on January 11, 2024.

Lines were drawn that connected him to the Atlanta Falcons. That didn't work out, but here's the kicker. As difficult as it is to imagine him pacing Philly's sideline as Eagles head coach, that reportedly was a discussion.

ESPN's report states Philly had an interest. The Dallas Cowboys were also mentioned as an interested party. Stop laughing. We're being serious, but here are a few excerpts from the story for those of you who would claim 'fake news'.

"Still, there was chatter in league circles that Philadelphia and Belichick could be a match. Despite some owners and executives believing the game had passed Belichick by, the Eagles felt he still had his fastball."

Oh, don't worry... It gets better.

"He had nearly beaten them in the 2023 season opener with an inferior team. There's also a belief that Belichick will coach only until he gets 15 more wins, enough to pass Don Shula as the winningest coach in NFL history. Though not seriously considering a move, Lurie wondered to a confidant: Was it worth overhauling the building, changing personnel and philosophies on everything from training staff to salary cap structure, for someone who might coach only two years?"

Again, even though some of us are old enough to remember seeing him coach in other cities, it's hard to imagine this guy anywhere but New England. Let's keep reading anyway though...

"You'll have to start over again," said a source with firsthand knowledge of the Eagles' thinking. "Who would replace him? He hasn't had a good record of developing coaches. They were afraid that he'll have changed everything and every person, and [then] you'll be starting from scratch again. He didn't demand those changes, but they felt like, if we hire him, we have to give everything to him and trust how he does it."

As strange as this sounds, we thought we'd never say this, but we believe this next statement with every fiber of our being.

We'd rather give Nick Sirianni another season than endure a Bill Belichick Eagles coaching era. Wait! Did we just say that?

As days pass and we get further away from the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady era in New England, we're convinced, more now than ever, that Brady deserves more credit than Belichick deserves. We have seen Brady without Belichick. We have seen Belichick without Brady. The latter option looks worse.

So, yeah... Give us Coach Sirianni and some better assistants. We'll take our chances because we don't trust Bill and his guys.

Gosh... Time changes things. We still can't believe we're saying this.

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