Eagles star A.J. Brown could care less about the NFL's uniform policy, and rightfully so

A.J. Brown isn't a fan of the NFL's uniform policy, but those of us who are fathers will most certainly stand with him for ignoring it.
A.j. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.j. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

We'd never tell anyone to bend the rules. We're huge proponents for doing what is right and being team players... for the most part. Sometimes, you just have to pay a fine to send a message though. There's a possibility that Philadelphia Eagles star A.J. Brown's paycheck will be a little lighter if the NFL (No Fun League) issues a possible fine for his violation of pro football's uniform/cleat policy.

Did you see those bright range cleats that Number 11 was rocking on Sunday in Week 4 versus the Washington Commanders? He was rocking them for a reason.

A.J. Brown has a very good reason for ignoring the NFL's desire that he rock less noticeable cleats.

Here's an update on a story that you may have missed. As the Eagles took the field to battle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football, Swole Batman a.k.a. A.J. Brown did so rocking bright green cleats.

Following Philly's first drive, officials informed Greg Delmitros, the Birds' vice president of equipment operations, that Number 11 would need to change his footwear. He did, switching things up with some black and white Nikes, but as Week 4's game began, 11 took the field wearing some pink shoes.

He's not being rebellious. He simply has a great reason for doing so. He wears bright cleats so his daughter Jersee won't have any issues in finding him on game day.

WR1a (we don't have any 'Robins' on this team) shared his thoughts on the rule this past Friday. Thank The Philadelphia Inquirer's Josh Tolentino for the quote.

"That rule sucks, but it’s okay. I really try to bend the rules a little bit. [My cleats] are green, highlighter green. I think all players should wear whatever they want to wear. They’re not going to be able to fine everybody in the league, so we should start that movement as players... "

He continued...

"I wear the cleats because of my daughter, so she can easily spot me. Whenever I wear black cleats or something like that, it’s hard for her to spot me. I think everybody knew where I was on the field with the cleats, definitely my daughter. She got mad at me and [asked] ‘why did I change the cleats?’ ... I had to take them off or they’d pull me out of the game. I try to stay on the field.”"

Again, we rock with A.J. on this one. Maybe we're biased, especially those of us who are fathers, but WR1a has a point. Again, it isn't like we have sent him any money to support him, but if 11 is willing to pay the fine, we're cool with his desire to continue doing what he is doing.

Hats off A.J..!